Kolofon creates brand identity and editorial design for cultural and commercial organisations throughout Europe, ranging from national theatres and orchestras to sporting clubs and furniture designers.
Founded in 2011, the studio is owned and led by Graeme Rodrigo. Graeme studied Graphic Design at Swinburne University of Technology and began his career in Melbourne, Australia at Lancashire Blenheim Design under the guidance of partners Steve Blenheim and David Lancashire [member Alliance Graphique Internationale]. In 2000 he relocated to London and continued his apprenticeship at a variety studios and agencies including Conran Design Group, Imagination, Landor, Pocknell Studio, Roundel, SAS, The Team, Trickett & Webb and 300million. In 2012 he relocated to Copenhagen where he continues to work with a talented group of artists, writers, designers & photographers from his studio based on the island of Amager, colloquially known as ‘shit island’​​​​​​​.
His work has been recognised by D&AD [2011] & Le Club des Directeurs Artistiques [2013, 2022], featured in Eye and Monocle journals and published by Thames & Hudson. He has given talks on typography and visual culture at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology [KEA], and co-designed a global bestseller for Penguin Random House about cooking with a hangover.
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Selected clients
British Council for Offices
Copenhagen Carpentry Co.
Danish Design Makers
Dansk selskab for ny fransksproget litteratur

Emilia Therese Photography
Forlaget Etcetera
Institut Français

La Comédie de Clermont
Le Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille
Maria Schumann 
Orchestre de Paris
Palais de Tokyo
Penguin Random House
Théâtre de l’Arsenal

20km Paris